Muslims in the Criminal Justice System
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How do Muslims in Australia interact with the law enforcement agencies, especially the police and the courts?

In Muslims in the Criminal Justice System we offer some practical insights into cultural issues that can arise in the course of investigation, arrest and trial.



What is Jihad?
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What is Jihad? What does it actually mean?

This short course introduces six different meanings of jihad and how Muslims strive to achieve specific objectives that are associated with each meaning.

Come and learn about the many understandings of jihad and what is and is not allowed in the name of jihad.

Engaging with Muslim Communities
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Engaging with Muslim Communities: time, place, food and leadership

In your line of work you may need to engage with and interact with Muslims. Is there a correct way for engaging with Muslims? Unfortunately, the short answer is yes and no.

If you want to know more about Muslim practices in daily life, join us in ‘Engaging with Muslim Communities’.

What does Islamic State want?
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What does Islamic State want? lays out the ambitious goals Islamic State pursues and the strategies and tactics it has employed so far to reach these goals. You gain insights into the world view that guides Islamic State’s actions: a return of civilization to a seventh-century legal and religious environment; and, eventually, ushering in ‘the end of days’.

What is Islamic State and where does it come from?
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What is Islamic State and where does it come from? covers the extremist militant group from its beginnings in 2002 through its many iterations to the present day.

It shows how the confluence of time and political events have helped Islamic State become one of the most dangerous terrorist organisations in the world.

Islam in Somalia
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Islam in Somalia offers a summary of the development and current status of Islam and Muslim societies in Somalia, a country of origin of many Australian Muslims.

It includes coverage of political issues and militant groups, as well as local traditions and conflicts.

Muslim Communities in Australia
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It is often assumed that the 604,200 Muslims in Australia are one homogenous community. But is it true? 

Muslim Communities in Australia is an introduction to the diverse Muslim communities in this country.

The module offers an overview of core beliefs shared by all Muslims. It also shows how diverse the beliefs, practices, and cultural and linguistic backgrounds of Muslims in Australia are.

rachid-oucharia-person reading book

Learn how this diversity plays out across the organisations and institutions that are important to Muslims in Australia. And see how this diversity ties in with what are described in the media and elsewhere as ‘Australian values’ and an ‘Australian way of life’.

The Five Pillars of Islam
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Muslims around the world may come from different backgrounds and cultures but they all have one thing in common – they are expected to perform five duties, known as the ‘five pillars of Islam’.

This module offers a concise but comprehensive overview of the five pillars of Islam and what they mean for Muslims in their daily lives.

Origins of Islam
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Origins of Islam introduces Islam from its early beginnings. It will take you on a journey from Mecca to Medina, the City of the Prophet, to the Muslim Empires over a period of 1300 years.

Along the way, you will learn about the life of the Prophet; the obstacles he encountered in his mission; the growth and expansion of Muslim communities throughout the world; and the important contributions Muslim scholars made to world civilization.

Islam in the Southern Philippines
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Islam in the Southern Philippines offers rich insights into the causes and the trajectory for the current deadly conflict. It traces the origins of Muslim Filipinos; the rise of the Moro insurgency; and issues and difficulties Moro communities encounter today.

This course also introduces the aims and tactics of notorious insurgency groups in the Philippines, their dynamics and affiliations. It also explains the rise of Islamic State in the Philippines and the recent violent conflict in Marawi.



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